Shrike Roleplaying System

Release date: Sometime in 2017!

The Shrike Roleplaying System has been designed from the ground up to be a highly modular system that can can be easily adapted to a variety of different settings and uses. The system was originally developed in order to play short, human focused, one-shot horror games in a variety of different time periods and original settings. This remains the defining purpose of the system.

The core characteristics and design objectives of the system can be summarised as follows:

– Accessible, unobtrusive and easy to learn rules
– Features familiar to veteran RPG gamers
– Robust dice statistics
– Statistically significant differences between characters with differing skill levels
– Consistent game mechanics that can easily be expanded or altered
– Class-less and level-less characters
– Tense, high lethality HP-less combat
– Psychological damage and combat system
– Relative balance in comparative usefulness of different characteristics

The core rulebook will contain all of the rules that you need to start playing and the following additional features:

– Examples of play for every major chapter
– Full colour professional illustrations
– Stats for a wide variety of modern and historical weapons
– Stats for a wide variety of modern and historical vehicles
– Stats for a selection of traditional monsters
– Stats for original monsters
– Rules for the creation of new skills and traits
– Rules for the creation of new items
– Rules for the creation of new vehicles
– Rules for the creation of new monsters
– Premade characters with detailed biographies
– 3 Detailed premade scenarios:

The year is 2025 and three superpowers dominate the globe: the United European Federation, the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China. At a time of heightening tension between the three powers, contact is lost with researchers at a Chinese Cherenkov detector situated in the Antarctic. The detector is a massive subterranean water tank lined with light sensors, designed to detect high energy radiation from space.

With a great sense of desperation apparent, Chinese authorities plea for aid from the staff of a UEF research base situated some 150km away from the Chinese site. The players find themselves tasked with investigating the silent base in the hope of discovering what happened there and rescuing any survivors. However, unknown to them, a Chinese and American spy are among their number with potentially contradictory missions of their own.

Players’ survival and problem solving skills will be put to the test as they compete with the environment, dangerous unknown entities and perhaps even each other.

The Red Queen and The King in Yellow
The Red Queen is a famous popular science book promoting the Red Queen hypothesis, which proposes that organisms must constantly evolve and proliferate simply to survive in a world filled with parasites and opposition. The King in Yellow is a famous collection of short stories by Robert W. Chambers, often cited as one of the major influences on the later works of H.P. Lovecraft.

In this scenario, the players take on the role of Detective-Investigators working for the NYPD Detective Bureau in the early 1990s. Stationed on Manhattan island, it is their job to investigate unusual crimes, interrogate suspects and gather forensic evidence.

What starts as a routine call out to investigate a report of a suspected dead body quickly takes a turn for the worse. Players will find themselves in a tense detective thriller, racing against time to solve the mystery of the King in Yellow and to prevent a possible bioterrorism attack on the city. Hints of the supernatural abound, but perhaps there is a rational explanation for the eerie events that are unfolding.

Tome of Afanc
Set in 1970s Britain, the players are archaeology students at a small but old and highly respected English university. Nearing the end of their degrees, they are tasked with taking part in a field expedition to a remote village in the most desolate part of rural Wales. This is both a great opportunity to make a name for themselves, but also a chance to be recognised by one Lauren Cooper, a young and increasingly famous academic in the field.

However, all is not quite as it seems and players will find themselves tangled in the middle of an ancient supernatural mystery. Players must work together to unravel the mystery and determine who they can trust, as different forces begin to move into action around them. Witchcraft, ancient curses, lost tomes and alien gods are the order of the day.